The Homebuyers’ Guide to Buying a Newly Constructed Home

Read this BEFORE you Visit Your First Model Home When shopping for your home, you’ll discover that most homes on the market are resales. One out of four homebuyers purchases a new home. Both new homes and re-sales offer advantages. Before you make a decision…COMPARE THESE POINTS!   New … [Read more...]

Cold Weather Organizing Ideas to Keep Your Home Cozy

With chilly weather keeping you indoors more often, there’s no better time to ensure that you are organized and enjoying your home to its fullest. Organizing for the cold weather not only keeps your home orderly and calm, but strategic organizing can keep your home at its … [Read more...]

Dodge Winter Lawn Damage

(Family Features)--Winter conditions can present a wide range of challenges to your lawn and landscape, but there are precautions you can take to protect your lawn, as well as your trees and shrubs, from seasonal harm. Preventive steps from the lawncare experts at TruGreen can help your lawn … [Read more...]

Tips for Protecting Your Yard This Winter

As many extend the amount of time they’re spending at home, they’re extending the use of their outdoor living space as well, despite a drop in temperatures. Getting outside, and breathing in fresh air, even when it's chilly, is good for our mental and physical well-being. That’s why features like … [Read more...]

5 Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades You Can Complete in a Weekend

Just because you have a budget and short span of free time on the weekends doesn’t mean you can’t make some impactful changes in your home. Even the smallest changes can make a difference. Here are five home upgrades that you can not only complete in less than a few days, but also for less than … [Read more...]

CONTINUING REPORT: How Pandemic is Affecting Local Businesses

Ashley Leigh, founder of Linton Hall Realtors®, has been involved in real estate for 24 years. He has seen good and not-so-good times, sellers’ and buyers’ markets.  COVID-19 has presented a unique situation, but nothing his team cannot handle. “Fortunately for local homeowners, COVID has … [Read more...]

How New Curtains Could Lower Your Utility Bills

High utility bills are a problem for many homeowners. If you are paying more than you would like for heating and air conditioning, you may be able to save money simply by installing new curtains.      Thermal Curtains Could Lower Your Heating Bills If your house has drafts, … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Help Yourself to a Better Night’s Sleep

Physicians agree that getting a good night’s sleep is the first and most important step to increased well-being and productivity. Further, studies have shown that getting fewer than seven or eight hours of sleep each night can increase the risk of developing heart disease and/or type 2 … [Read more...]

Why Winter is an Ideal Time to Sell in Northern Virginia

More homes hit the market in spring than in any other season in Northern Virginia. Many buyers are out shopping for a new home in the spring and summer, wanting to get settled into their new house prior to the start of the school year. However, you could get a better outcome from your sale if you … [Read more...]

Most Cost Effective Projects to Boost Your Home’s Value and Sell Faster

Earlier this year I wrote an article regarding home improvements.  Since then, I have had overwhelming requests to provide more information on this topic. This is a broad topic so I chose the question that was most asked, "I am planning on selling my home this year. What are the best home … [Read more...]

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