Accounting Services

for-rent-sign-300x189We offer complete financing & administrative accounting services for landlords and property owners.

Rental Collection:

Rest easy knowing that we handle all aspects of rent collection, from receipt to distribution, to late notices and penalties to eviction, if necessary. And for added peace of mind, ask us about our Landlord’s Advanced Rent Program.

Escrow Deposits:

We will ensure all laws are complied with regarding holding of tenant’s security deposits or other monies.

Final disposition of deposit upon tenant vacating property:

We perform an extensive inspection of the property upon the tenant vacating the property, and ensure that any tenant caused repairs are withheld from the security deposit, minimizing owner’s expense and liability.


We provide the necessary tax forms for you to file with the state or federal government to help you ensure compliance with tax laws.

Repair bills:

We coordinate all repairs needed to your property and ensure that it is maintained as if you were still there.

1099 statements and year end statement of cash flow:

We provide all necessary records and receipts to make your income tax return a breeze.

Monthly computerized statements:

We provide you a monthly statement of all receipts and expenditures so that you know exactly what is happening with your investment. All management fees, repairs, rents received, and any other expenses will be on this statement.

Delinquent rent reports and late rent notices:

We take care of handling any delinquent rents, notices and evictions as needed. You may sit back and relax while we handle the whole process.

Computer generated lease expiration:

Our tracking software always ensures that we are on top of whenever a lease is expiring. We will re-negotiate the lease with the current tenant for you, or if necessary, begin marketing the property and find you a new, qualified tenant.

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