Buying Commercial Property

Are you ready to purchase a piece of commercial real estate to kickstart or grow your business? Or are you looking to diversify your portfolio by purchasing an investment property to lease? Linton Hall’s division of commercial real estate agents are ready to help you.

Buying commercial property is a smart move, but it requires more thought than your average real estate purchase. At Linton Hall, our knowledgeable, experienced, and well-connected commercial real estate agents get to know you and your business needs so they can show you the best properties for your goals. All of our commercial realtors are well-versed in guiding potential buyers through myriad issues ranging from zoning to site plans within jurisdictions across Northern Virginia. Our team has built strong, long-term relationships with contractors, lawyers, investors, engineers, designers, and developers across metro DC and Northern Virginia so that we can provide the best guidance to our clients.


Some of the Best Commercial Properties For Sale Are Not Listed Anywhere

Did you know that some of the best commercial properties for sale aren’t listed? Linton Hall commercial agents have deep connections in the market. They actively seek out the best property opportunities for our clients whether the properties are listed or not.

Business Owners: Buying a Commercial Property

Location, location, location. It’s a cliche, but still so true. If you have found the perfect area for your business and would like to stay there for a number of years,  buying your business property is a smart investment. At Linton Hall, we understand that you don’t just want a property to make your business plan come to life, you want a place to grow your business for years to come. We can help you find that perfect commercial building, then guide you in every decision behind the purchase. But first, we need to get to know your business.

Our commercial specialists are dedicated to learning every aspect and detail of your business. This helps us pair you with the right property options. When you contact us, please expect an assessment of your wants and needs. Answering a few questions will assure that you end up with the perfect commercial location.

Through this process of learning about your business, we can determine if your business needs a location that provides logistical benefits or maximum exposure to your target market or both. By considering your needs we will narrow down your commercial property options and provide recent area rental prices, along with an outline of the pros and cons of each commercial property.  When you have focused in on one or two options, we will consider zoning issues, purchasing processes, and discuss commercial financing.

Considering Zoning Districts?

To be clear, not all property uses are allowed in every zoning district. There are typically five “general” zoning districts: agriculture, residential, general business, retail, and industrial. Within each one of these general zoning districts, there are more specific zoning areas broken down even further depending on the governing jurisdiction. Each county, city, or town in Northern Virginia has a different and unique zoning ordinance for their jurisdiction. Our commercial division has deep experience with zoning laws and planning commissions to help you smoothly navigate zoning ordinances.

What is the process of purchasing?

The process of purchasing commercial real estate is not much different than purchasing a house. After finding an amazing location, we will negotiate the Letter of Intent (LOI) between you and the seller. After the Letter of Intent has been agreed upon, we can go to contract and begin a feasibility study of how the property will fit your business’ needs. During the feasibility study, you can request a deeper review of the environmental factors of the location, pro forma financial statements, general surveys, and any other examinations that you require. Linton Hall will be here to help you conduct and decipher these studies. Finally, the appraisal is ordered shortly after the contract has been ratified and, once your loan is approved by underwriting, as well as a “clear to close” (CTC) confirmation from your lender, you can close on your new business location!

How does commercial financing work?

How much money do I need to put down? What are the current interest rates? Can I qualify for a Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan? What financial conditions do lenders take into account? What is required to pass underwriting? We can help answer these questions and more. We have a large network of experts that we work with including attorneys, architects, and developers. We also have a diverse network of national and regional lenders and private equity firms to help with all your financial-related inquiries.

Property Owners: Choose Linton Hall to Sell Your Commercial Property

Owners of commercial real estate in Northern Virginia can trust a Linton Hall, a commercial real estate broker to sell their real estate at current market value. If you own industrial, flex, retail, or office space and want to sell, our agents will perform an in-depth analysis of your property compared to all surrounding markets. Then, we’ll market your real estate to interested buyers, giving you the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

Why Buy A Commercial Property?

The benefits of buying a commercial property can be summed up in one word: long-term. As a business owner, buying property allows you to establish a lasting presence within a market and offers you a sense of ownership, all while saving you money year after year on leasing rates. Buying commercial real estate to rent now and sell later pays great dividends.

Here are some reasons that buying commercial property is advantageous to you:

  • Ownership and control
  • Less cost over time
  • No one can force you out of your location
  • More peace of mind when growing your business
  • Lasting presence
  • Foothold against competition
We Believe Trust Is Critical to Every Deal

Earning your trust is critically important to Linton Hall Realtors. You need to have full confidence in your commercial real estate agent to understand your business, find the best commercial location, order the right studies, and negotiate the best terms. We work closely with you to ensure your success because we have your best interests at heart.

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If you have a commercial property you want to buy, sell, or lease we can help. We are happy to guide you through the commercial property process and answer all your questions. Contact us today.

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