Home Safe Home: Your Holiday Home Safety Guide

The holiday season is a time for family, friends and fun. But with increased activity around the home - not to mention tall ladders for hanging decorations - safety should be top of mind for all homeowners during the holiday.      Toys In 2018 there were 166,200 toy-related, … [Read more...]

Avoiding Holiday Utility Scams: What You Should Know

While the holidays are a time of joy and family, less-than-savory sorts can also use it as a time to prey on unsuspecting homeowners. "The holidays can be stressful, and scammers often target customers during this busy time of year," says Corynne Arnett, Vice President - Customer Service, … [Read more...]

Homeowners: Stay Alert for Safety This Winter

As you look for ways to keep your family warm and comfortable this winter, it's important to keep safety at the top of your list. These tips from PERC can help keep you and your family safe during cold weather:     Never use a gas oven or range to heat your home Never use … [Read more...]

How to Better Invest in Your Home

Many Americans own homes that need a little work. Whether you need to revamp a few fixtures or totally renovate, you want to make sure you're making the smartest decision for your style, and wallet.       Good bones add the most value While personalization is important in … [Read more...]


Manassas Holiday Crafts, Desserts & Sweets Manassas Museum Lawn  9101 Prince William St Manassas, VA 20110 Saturday, October 26, 12:00PM – 5:00PM Just in time for kids’ candies celebration, join us for a delectable excursion in the world of sweets and desserts! Manassas Museum, in … [Read more...]

Why Winter is an Ideal Time to Sell in Northern Virginia

More homes hit the market in spring than in any other season in Northern Virginia. Many buyers are out shopping for a new home in the spring and summer, wanting to get settled into their new house prior to the start of the school year. However, you could get a better outcome from your sale if you … [Read more...]

3 Roofing Tips for Storm Season

With harsh weather all around us, homeowners across the country are battening down the hatches. One of the most dangerous issues to have during a storm - and the most expensive - is a faulty roof. To help, Todd Miller, publisher of asktoddmiller.com and CEO of Isaiah Industries, hopes to help … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Stop Mold Growth in Your Home

In addition to being unsightly, mold in your home can cause serious health concerns. According to Perfect Home Services, in sufficient quantities, mold can cause more serious consequences to those exposed. Sick Building Syndrome, ongoing symptoms linked to time spent in a building heavily polluted … [Read more...]

7 Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

(Family Features)--Whether you're hoping to sell in the near future or simply looking to touch up outdated areas, there's one aspect of home maintenance most homeowners agree is important: curb appeal. It's a broad term that may reference any number of visible features, meaning there are plenty of … [Read more...]

Homeowners Moving Forward on Renovations Despite Debt

More than two-thirds of U.S. homeowners who already carry significant debt are planning home renovations, with most intending to finance the projects with credit cards or personal loans. The findings are from a new Freedom Debt Relief survey detailing American homeowners' plans for home … [Read more...]

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