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“Your Home Sold…Guaranteed…Or We’ll Buy It!*”


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For clients who would like to enroll in our “Guaranteed Sales Program.” We guarantee, in writing, that we will sell your home at a mutually-agreed-upon price before you take possession of your next one.

How Our Guaranteed Sale Program Works:

  1. You receive our up-front guarantee in writing that we will sell your home at a mutually-agreed-upon price…before you take possession of your next one.
  2. Your home is guaranteed to sell…or we will buy it from you, ourselves, at a price acceptable to you.
  3. If you receive an offer higher than the guaranteed price from an outside buyer, you get the higher offer, not ours. Either way, you win!

This means that when you see a home you would like to buy, you can react immediately-and negotiate the lowest possible price-with a firm, cash offer (and no contingencies)!

As you can see, using this program makes the home-selling process easy and painless. Our “Guaranteed Sale Program” removes your feelings of anxiety by eliminating your concerns of whether or not you are going to have enough money to purchase your next home.       

Marketing Of Your Property

Our Standard Plan is to Market Your Property for 120 Days.  After marketing your property for 120 days, if we do not find a third-party buyer willing to purchase your property for more than our-up front mutually-agreed-to price… we will purchase your property ourselves! (On occasion, we have even bent these rules for those special clients requiring a quicker sale; so contact us to see if your property qualifies for such an exception.)

This guarantee provides you with an absolutely ‘no-lose’ situation.  Think of our “Guaranteed Sale Program” as an insurance policy to hedge against the risk of your property listing not meeting your expectations. In addition, remember that if you do not hire us to sell your home, you are still likely to have to hire another real estate firm. And it is highly unlikely that any other agent will be standing by-ready to purchase your property in the event it fails to sell –like we do. We put our money where our mouth is!

Guaranteed Written Offer: Contact Us Now

…and we will provide you with a Guaranteed Written Offer within 24 hours from our initial consultation.

Benefits & Advantages of the The Ashley Leigh Sales Guarantee

  • You can stop worrying about whether your home will sell or not…because we will buy it if we can’t sell it!
  • Your home will be sold…no matter what the current market conditions
  • You will be able to totally avoid a ‘double-move’ or a ‘double-mortgage’ nightmare!
  • We will get your money, on time, every time… because we close 100% of the time, on every home we buy.
  • We will even buy your Buyer’s Home… which eliminates the hassle of your accepting a contract contingent on the sale of your buyer’s home.

Answers To Some of The Most Common Real Estate Questions:

Q:      I need my equity immediately! Can you help?

A:      You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that Ashley Leigh offers interest-free ‘Equity Advances.’ Assuming that your home has more equity than debt, we can offer to lend you ‘now’ money. This money enables you to put a deposit on your next home, or it can be used in preparing your house for the market 9for such things as carpet replacement, painting, landscaping, repairs, etc.). If you are planning on building your next home, we also offer interest-free ‘new construction’ equity advances.

Q:      Can I use the Guarantee for buying new construction?

A:      Our Guaranteed Sale Program is easily customized to those clients that are considering purchasing new construction. If you are considering making a move, contact us for your no-obligation consultation. Hundreds of new construction buyers have found our program to be extremely beneficial.

Q:      How much am I likely to receive for my house?

A:      You will receive the maximum amount that the market will support at the time it sells…given the current market conditions based on our assessment of your property.

Q:      Will the Guaranteed Sale Program work for me?

A:      Even if you are not certain that our “Guaranteed Sale program” is for you, contact us to explore it further. You will likely be surprised what benefits you might receive by keeping an open mind. Remember, the initial consultation is absolutely risk-free, and you have absolutely no obligation to formalize any kind of agreement with our team. Just think of it as an “information gathering” session! Keeping an open mind and exploring all of your possibilities will prove to be invaluable as you embark on one of the most stressful financial decisions of your life.

Q:      Do You Offer Lease Guarantees?

A:      We do offer lease guarantees. We will actually guarantee that your tenant pays his/her monthly rent. We will even guarantee your rent for a period of time and an amount that is acceptable to you. If, for any reason, during the term of our agreement, your tenant fails to make their rental payment to you…we will pay the rent ourselves!

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