Cold Weather Organizing Ideas to Keep Your Home Cozy

With chilly weather keeping you indoors more often, there’s no better time to ensure that you are organized and enjoying your home to its fullest. Organizing for the cold weather not only keeps your home orderly and calm, but strategic organizing can keep your home at its coziest. 


Use a Large Woven Basket for Blankets

The addition of throw blankets in every seat can make living spaces look disheveled during the fall and winter months. Having to remove or fold throw blankets every evening is tedious. To keep yourself sane and cozy, simply add a woven basket to strategic sitting areas. The basket will add visual appeal while hiding your blankets when they are not in use.

Store Your Summer Clothes in Clear Totes

Your favorite pair of shorts may serve you well in the sunny summer weather, but you are unlikely to find the need for them now. Gather all of your summer clothes and store them for the warmer seasons. You will love having the extra room to easily access your favorite sweater. Decided you really need those shorts afterall? Keeping your clothes in clear totes allows you to easily see where your items are stored.

Swap Your Outdoor Gear

If you have a mudroom or entryway filled with warm weather gear, it’s time to put it away and save it for spring. Items like beach gear, hats, gardening supplies and warm weather toys should all be placed in reusable totes for easy storage. This will allow you to swap your outdoor gear each season, as needed.

Rearrange Your Spice Rack for Winter Baking

Spices have a limited shelf life and spice racks tend to take on a life of their own. If your spice rack is looking unruly. It’s time to declutter and rearrange. This will save you time and make your winter baking a calm and enjoyable process. Furthermore, rearranging will ensure you know exactly what you have and still need, afterall, you don’t want to find out that you’re out of ginger while in the middle of baking gingerbread cookies.

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