5 Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades You Can Complete in a Weekend

Just because you have a budget and short span of free time on the weekends doesn’t mean you can’t make some impactful changes in your home. Even the smallest changes can make a difference. Here are five home upgrades that you can not only complete in less than a few days, but also for less than $20.



Replace Old Hardware

Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, hardware can say a lot about your home’s style. Swapping out the handles on your cabinets and drawers can change the vibe of the room for just a few bucks. Removal and installation are a breeze—just unscrew the old and screw in the new. Look at your local hardware store, or even online, for inexpensive options that pack big style.

Replace Switch Plates

If you happen to live in an older home, chances are your light switch plates are outdated. Maybe it isn’t the style that’s old, rather the plastic is faded or discolored. Either way, it may be time to swap them out for new ones. For less than $20, you can get a new set of switch plates for an entire room, maybe even more. Get creative with paint and design each plate to compliment whatever room it will live in.

Weatherstrip Doors and Windows

Whether you’re pumping A/C in the summer or heat in the winter, if your doors and windows aren’t weatherstripped, you can end up with high utility bills. Simply stick your foam or felt weatherstripping tape along the tracks of your doors and windows. Though installation is easy, you may need a few basic tools, such as a drill or screwdriver. For more drafty areas, consider a low-cost door sweep.

Re-caulking the Bathroom

Check your bathroom tiles inside and outside of the bathtub, as well as all around it. If the seams are starting to crack or discolor, it may be time to re-caulk. To start, collect your tools, including the chalking, a bucket of water and rags. Consider a caulking tool for a more precise application. With less than $20 and a free afternoon, you can breathe new life into your bathroom while also keeping moisture away that can cause serious damage in the future.

Paint Doors or Trim

Of course, a fresh coat of paint on your walls or exterior can do wonders for curb appeal and transformation. But paint doesn’t need to be limited to just walls. Painting a fresh coat onto the trim around the interior doors and frames of your home can help to hide years of damage from pets, children and natural wear and tear. Or, paint your front door a bright or interesting color, adding a dramatic new flair to your home’s exterior. 

A weekend may not seem like enough time to upgrade your home, but with a few tools, some creativity and a crisp $20 bill, you can achieve plenty of your design dreams. DIY pro or novice, these budget-friendly home improvement projects will keep you busy all weekend long, maybe even less! 

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