Why Winter is an Ideal Time to Sell in Northern Virginia

More homes hit the market in spring than in any other season in Northern Virginia. Many buyers are out shopping for a new home in the spring and summer, wanting to get settled into their new house prior to the start of the school year. However, you could get a better outcome from your sale if you sell your home during the winter months.

Days on the market is less of a concern for buyers. During the spring and summer, buyers will sometimes hesitate to make an offer when a house is getting close to 60 days on the market without an offer. A serious buyer will not shy away from a home that has been on the market for some time in winter.

There is less competition, with the inventory reduced. The high number of homes on the market in spring means that there are many more options for buyers. Those other homes would be distractions from yours. The low inventory of winter creates greater competition for your home. That lower supply, generating higher demand for your property, means the winter is a perfect time to sell.

Sales are quicker. While it is not as much of a turnoff in winter to rack up more days on the market, homes actually tend to sell faster during the colder months. Many people do not want to spend a lot of time looking during the winter. They are readier to select one and move forward.

You get more attention from Realtors. When the inventory is low, agents have fewer listings to manage. Agents are able to give more focus to sellers. It is true on the opposite side too, with the time of buyers’ agents freer for setting up showings and making negotiations.

There is less competition for your own new home. You are likely selling with the plans to move into a new home yourself. By avoiding the overcrowded months such as April and May, you can benefit from less competition when making a purchase. Plus, since there are fewer buyers, it is easier to negotiate for a contingency that your home must sell.

People have payouts and bonus money in their pockets. Both first-time buyers and those looking to make upgrades often buy during winter, following an influx of cash. Some have received year-end retirement payouts. Others have earned bonuses resulting from performance reviews.

Many people move due to corporate relocations. During the first quarter, businesses will often relocate or place their employees. These buyers enter the market wanting to move fast, get into a new home, and get their kids back into school. Additionally, many of these people have been granted moving expenses, making it easier to buy at a bit higher price.

While it may be a popular choice to wait until spring to put a home on the market, you can see there are many reasons to sell during the winter in Linton Hall. As at other times of year, it is critically important to have a highly skilled agent at your side. With a strong realtor, you can get the attention of the right buyers with your marketing, provide the best presentation at showings, and negotiate an ideal sales contract.

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