Sweep Out Winter and Prep Your Home for Spring


It’s been a long, cold winter, but we’re easing out of it and looking forward to warm weather and sunshine. Sweep out the fireplace ash now, and welcome in spring and summer with these tips that will prep our homes for the long-awaited change of season:



Say Goodbye to Winter

Pack up and stow away anything that evokes heat: fire logs, heavy rugs and draperies, space heaters and thick blankets. Replace candles with vases of fresh flowers and switch out the bed covers for light ones. Getting winter out of sight is a good way to greet spring. 

Make Room for Popsicles

Empty the freezer and defrost it if necessary. Now do an audit and get rid of meats and other stuff that’s been losing flavor over time. With the extra capacity, stock up on grill-able hot dogs and burgers, not to mention ice cream and other frozen summer goodies. 

Freshen the Airflow

Ensure a cool summer and lower energy output. Replace the air conditioning filter and/or have your central air system checked. As the weather heats up, turn your ceiling fans to counter-clockwise in order to push air downward and create a cooling draft. 

Put Your Painting Pants On

Winter can wreak havoc outdoors. If the deck or the outdoor furniture needs painting, sand it first, then apply a primer before applying a coat of durable exterior paint.

Invite Summer Indoors

That means clean windows! Wash them with a water and vinegar solution and a squeegee, or have them professionally washed. Try sheer curtains—or no covering at all—to invite the sunshine in.

Switch Out the Shed

Move the snow blower, the shovels and the skis to the back, and bring forward the lawnmower and the garden tools. You want them up front and organized so you don’t have to rummage through winter to get to your spring and summer gear.

Buff Up the BBQ

Give it a thorough cleaning and wipe the grates down with a thin layer of cooking oil. Then get into that well-stocked freezer, haul out those burgers and buns and prepare to welcome spring with a backyard bash.

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