Linton Hall Realtors Launches Commercial Real Estate Leasing and Sales Division

Anyone who has invested in commercial real estate knows the importance of working with a top-notch, experienced real estate group. That is why many investors are turning to Linton Hall Realtors’ (LHR) Commercial division to meet their needs. LHR Commercial handles landlord and tenant representation, development, purchases and sales, and consulting and advisory services. Properties for sale or purchase include offices, retail space, industrial venues, flex spaces, land and hospitality space.

There are several reasons why LHR Commercial stands out from other, similar commercial realty businesses. LHR is comprised exclusively of commercial agents who work with developers, lawyers, architects and contractors to provide clients with the best possible deals at the best possible prices. The fact that LHR has a large network of investors, builders and developers enables the company to provide purchase opportunities that are not officially listed for sale, providing more opportunities for those looking to buy. It also enables sellers and leasers to find clients in a timely manner. Given the fact that Northern Virginia is a hot commercial market where it can be tough to find suitable property, LHR’s connections are invaluable in helping investors close deals that would otherwise have been impossible to find.

Another advantage of working with LHR Commercial is the company’s ability to provide information regarding past, present and future prices. The company’s exclusive connections enable real estate agents to provide information regarding past and future trends for vehicle counts, neighborhood demographics, foot traffic and more. LHR Commercial can also provide information about other businesses that are coming and going in the local area. This knowledge enables investors to avoid bad deals while maximizing profits on good ones.

Yet another reason why LHR Commercial is a leader in its field is the fact that its division leader, Connor Leake, not only has firsthand knowledge of the market, but also has experience working with the town of Haymarket’s Planning Commission. He is prepared to offer clients valuable advice regarding zoning, proffers, site plans and more to ensure that any property purchased is sure to meet a client’s current and future needs.

Investing in commercial property can be profitable, but it can also have its pitfalls. LHR Commercial takes its responsibility to its clients seriously, doing everything in its power to enable clients to find great deals in a timely manner. Furthermore, the company goes above and beyond the call of duty by offering valuable information that can enable clients to fill in needed paperwork in order to use newly purposed properties for their desired purpose as quickly as possible.
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