How New Curtains Could Lower Your Utility Bills

High utility bills are a problem for many homeowners. If you are paying more than you would like for heating and air conditioning, you may be able to save money simply by installing new curtains. 



Thermal Curtains Could Lower Your Heating Bills

If your house has drafts, cold air can get in and heat can escape in the winter, which means you may pay more than you should to keep your home warm. Installing thick thermal curtains or drapes could significantly reduce heat loss and cut your winter heating bills. Thermal curtains insulate a room to prevent air from entering or escaping. If you get thermal curtains, open them from time to time so condensation doesn’t get trapped between the curtains and the windows, which can lead to mold and rot.


Blackout Curtains Could Help You Save on Air Conditioning

Blackout curtains prevent sunlight from streaming in through the windows and heating up the house in the summer. If you have blackout curtains, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Choose blackout curtains with a light-colored backing to reflect sunlight. 


Open and Close Curtains at the Right Times to Save Money

You can open and close the curtains at different times of the day to control the amount of sunlight and heat allowed into your home. In the winter, open the curtains while the sun is shining to heat the house naturally and reduce your reliance on the furnace. When the sun isn’t out and you are running the furnace, close the curtains to keep warm air inside the house. 

During the summer, close the curtains before the sun begins to shine directly on that side of the house. Keep the curtains closed until the sun has passed the area where the window is located.


How to Install New Curtains

Before you hang new curtains, check the windows for drafts. Replace caulking, if necessary, to prevent air leakage.

Hang the curtains as close to the ceiling and floor as possible and press them against the wall to create an airtight seal. Two curtains can be more effective than a single curtain at keeping your house at a stable temperature and reducing energy consumption. 


Be Careful Not to Use More Energy in Other Areas

If you keep the curtains closed during the day, your house may not get enough natural light for your family to perform daily activities comfortably and you may need to use more artificial lighting. To avoid running up your electricity bills, use energy-efficient light bulbs. 


Look for Simple Ways to Cut Your Bills

Homeowners are often frustrated by high utility costs and think that lowering their bills would require major home improvements, but that isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes, simple solutions can yield big savings. Think about why your utility bills are so high and consider installing new curtains to save money.

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