Common Practices That Can Damage Your Home Appliance

We all rely on appliances to make home life convenient and comfortable, but many of us make mistakes that cause appliances to break down or wear out faster than they should. These are some of the most common blunders:




Washing Machine

If you have a mountain of laundry, it can be tempting to stuff as much as you can into the washing machine. Overloading a washer can damage the suspension and coils and may also damage clothes.

If items such as coins and zippers rattle around inside the washer, they can cause damage. Check pockets before putting clothes in the washer, and zip up any zippers so they don’t damage the machine.

If you start a load of laundry and then forget to put it in the dryer when the cycle finishes, your clothes can get moldy. In addition to causing an unpleasant odor, mold can spread and damage the electronic components of the washer

Hair, lint and dirt can accumulate inside a washing machine and clog the motor, which can prevent the washer from agitating and getting clothes clean. The washer needs to be cleaned periodically to remove any accumulated waste that could cause damage.


The compressor in a refrigerator is usually located in the back. If it isn’t cleaned regularly and gets covered in dust, it’ll be unable to provide the condenser coils with enough air, which means the refrigerator will be unable to cool.

Overfilling your fridge can lead to problems. Blocking the air vents in the back of the refrigerator can prevent it from cooling food adequately and can cause the condenser coils to overheat.

Leaving the refrigerator door open unnecessarily can cause it to adjust to the outside temperature. That can cause strain and make the refrigerator less efficient.


An oven is designed to cook food, but homeowners sometimes run into problems when they use the appliance in a way that wasn’t intended. Using an oven to heat a house can damage the internal components.

Keeping the oven clean can keep it working efficiently. Failing to clean up spilled food can cause damage to electronic parts and make the oven struggle to cook food.


A dishwasher can help you avoid expending a lot of time and energy to scrub dishes. When it comes to particularly dirty dishes, some people think they should use extra dishwasher detergent. The truth is that too many suds can damage electronic components. The normal amount of dishwasher detergent should work fine.

Avoid Unnecessary Bills

Broken or worn-out appliances can be expensive to repair or replace. Appliances often become damaged by common mistakes. If you’ve been making any of these blunders, change your habits and use your appliances the way they were intended so they’ll last as long as possible.

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