5 Things You Need to Create a Magical Outdoor Space

After another long, chilly winter, summer has finally arrived in Northern Virginia! Since the colder weather won’t return for a while, it can be a good time to think about the condition of your home’s outdoor space. If you aren’t using your backyard to its maximum potential, you’re truly missing out on an integral part of summer: relaxing in your own personal oasis. To turn your yard from “blah” to “beautiful,” keep reading our list of the top 5 must-haves for a gorgeous outdoor space.


Luxurious Deck or Patio

If you have a spacious backyard, don’t let it go to waste! Building a wooden deck or a stone patio is the first step towards creating a beautiful garden paradise. After all, you need somewhere to put your deck furniture, state-of-art grill, potted plants, and other outdoor treasures. It also serves as a wonderful place to entertain friends or family when they come to visit. How about ivory furniture, fairy lights, and trellises of climbing roses? What about a nautical-themed patio that features white-and-blue chair pillows, anchor-covered décor, and even a repurposed captain’s wheel? The only limit is your imagination!

Modern Grill

Summer is the prime season for outdoor barbecuing. Cooking inside often gets too sticky and sweaty, especially when you don’t have central air at home. So, if you haven’t already invested in a grill, the time is now! BBQs are perfect for cooking meats, veggies, and more, all while enjoying the outdoors. Dinner parties at your place will never be the same again!

Nighttime Ember Splendor

As the sun slowly sets on our magnificent Virginia horizons, imagine old Tom Jefferson throwing another log on a crackling fire ¬– but in your own private backyard! Fire pits lure you away from TV, digital screens, and intrusive technology into the wonder-filled world of glowing hickory or ash and soft billows of fragrant smoke. Pits range from simple steel saucers on legs to dug-out “campsites” bordered by field stone walls that double as seating. Bring out the marshmallows for the kids who are always entranced by a real fire. Invite friends and neighbors for some socializing or just enjoy the calming serenity of a beautiful hardwood fire.

Comfy Furniture

When you come home from a busy day of hiking, swimming, boating, or working, you’re going to want to stretch out and lounge in the sun. That’s why outdoor furniture is your new best friend! Lawn chairs and ottomans with weatherproof cushions are comfortable, practical, and even fashionable additions to your space. But before making a purchase, test out your outdoor furniture in-store to make sure you love it.

Shady Spots

Shade is key for escaping the summer heat. To ensure your patio or porch isn’t hit by direct sunlight, arm the area with patio umbrellas or overhead canopies. Planting trees around the perimeter is another creative method of cultivating shade.

That’s it, folks! Creating a stunning outdoor space doesn’t get any harder than that. By following our suggestions, your porch or patio will soon be the envy of friends and neighbors. Here’s to a happy, rejuvenating summer!

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