3 Roofing Tips for Storm Season

With harsh weather all around us, homeowners across the country are battening down the hatches. One of the most dangerous issues to have during a storm – and the most expensive – is a faulty roof. To help, Todd Miller, publisher of asktoddmiller.com and CEO of Isaiah Industries, hopes to help homeowners protect their homes against the next big storm with the following solutions.  

“I’ve spent 40 years investigating roof performance and there are many ways to protect residential roofs from high winds,” says Miller. “The first step is to ensure any work done on your home meets current building codes because newer-construction methods and products offer better protection in wind events.” The next steps are as follows:

Choose a roof covering that is durable and resilient

Look for things like interlocking metal panels rather than shingles and tiles that depend on gravity and failure-prone sealants to stay in place. Mother Nature is no match for gravity! Many of today’s metal roofs also offer energy-efficient reflective pigments, an added bonus in many hurricane-prone states.

Consider the ventilation in your home’s attic

It must be adequate to meet code and be balanced between intake and exhaust. If air rushes into the attic and has nowhere to vent, it will push the ceilings down or blow off the roof decking.

Look around your house for objects that may interfere with the roof

The reason we board up windows when a hurricane approaches is to protect the glass from blowing debris. That same debris will damage the roof and walls of your home, yet it is not practical to board them up. Instead, look for anything around your home that might become airborne or blow against the house. Remove awnings or other ornamentation. Cut back trees. Store away patio furniture, gas grills and other things. Protect your home by eliminating possible flying objects

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