????Property Brothers Share Their Home-Buying Secrets

Taking tips from the experts

Buying a home in Bristow VA can be challenging and time-consuming.

You want to take your time because it is an investment you cannot afford to make a mistake.

In real estate, a mistake can literally mean losing thousands of dollars, and unless you are rolling in cash, it’s something to avoid.

One of the best ways to prevent mistakes is to find a great real estate agent who will guide and assist in your journey to find the right home for sale in Bristow VA. 

Reading and learning from experts and high profile agents also helps.

Would you like to know the home buying secrets of the famous Property Brothers? 

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If your answer is Yes, HGTV shares words of wisdom from the popular Property Brothers.

7 Home Buying and Selling Tips From the Property Brothers

Do your homework when buying a brand-new home.

Jonathan says: “In order to pump these homes out as fast as the builders want to, some of them cut corners like not waiting long enough for concrete to cure properly or hiring untrained labor forces. I’m not saying new construction is bad; you just want to find a builder who has a quality product – it’s going to last a lot longer.”

Know the hidden costs of buying a home.

Drew says: “Over and above the actual purchase price of the home, you may have to dish out some money for land transfer fees, mortgage costs, home insurance, legal costs and title insurance. Ask your real estate agent for a complete list of all the estimated closing costs so the only surprises you get will be the good ones.”

Never skip the home inspection.

Jonathan says: “I can’t stress enough how important it is to get a home inspection, whether you’re getting a fixer-upper or something brand new. The seller most likely will cover any costs of a problem that pops up. If you’re putting an offer in, make it subject to a home inspection, so that way nobody else is going to swoop in and take the property out from under you, and it gives you enough time to make sure the house is actually a good investment.”

Get to know the neighborhood before buying.

Drew says: “Nothing compares to actually walking the neighborhood prior to buying in the community. Pounding the pavement will give you a clear image as to how noisy it is, the density of traffic and what your neighbors are like. Getting to know the locals will give you that insider scoop as to whether or not this is the kind of neighborhood you want to raise your family in.”

Don’t fall for love at first sight.

Drew says: “I always recommend touring at least 10 houses before you put an offer in on one. The first few houses may seduce you aesthetically, but may not really have what you need. “

“When you walk through a home, have a checklist in hand; write down the pros, write down the cons and rate that house from 1 to 10. At the end of a long house hunting day, all the houses are going to blend together, and it’s that checklist that’s going to be the saving grace and will get you your dream home.”

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