Making Moving Easier on Pets

Boxes everywhere. Strangers in your home. Loud noises. Broken routines. New environments. With everything that happens when you move, it’s no wonder your cat or dog may feel confused and anxious.

But there are things you can do to help. Here are some tips to make your upcoming move easier on your furry friend.

Preparing to Move

  • Make changes gradually: Give your pet plenty of time to get used to your moving supplies by putting them out a few weeks early. Pack a few boxes at a time instead of everything at once. Keep your pet’s routine as consistent as you can.
  • Leave the carrier out: Put your pet’s carrier somewhere he can access it. Place a soft bed inside and prop the door open. Encourage your pet to spend time in the carrier so that he gets used to it before your move.
  • Give your pet a safe place: On moving day, put your cat or dog in a separate space, such as a bathroom. Make sure he has what he needs: food, water, a bed, a litter box, toys. If he has grown fond of his carrier, put that in with him as well. Tape a “Do not disturb!” sign to the door warning others to be careful.

The Stress of Traveling

  • Plan ahead: If you’re flying, research airline pet requirements or restrictions in advance. If you’re driving, find pet-friendly hotels along your route. Make sure you take essential pet supplies with you instead of sending them with the movers.
  • Use a carrier: Keep your pet secure by transporting him in a carrier or crate. Open the carrier as little as possible to keep your scared pet from bolting. Have a leash handy in case you need to let him out. And never leave an animal alone in a hot car!
  • Go light on the food: To reduce the risk of your pet feeling sick on the trip, go light on breakfast the day of the move. Bring along his favorite treats to give him as needed.

Arriving at Your New Home

  • Make your pet comfortable right away: As soon as you arrive, take your pet to a quiet room. Set out whatever your pet might need: food, water, treats, a bed, a litter box, toys. Spend time with him when you can. You may want to put up another “Do not disturb!” sign until the movers have gone and your pet has the run of the new house.
  • Survey your new home: Before you let your pet out of his room, scan your new house for problem areas. Are all the windows, screens, and doors secure? Are there any tight gaps where your pet may get stuck trying to hide? Did the previous owner leave anything that could harm your pet, like insect traps?
  • Restore the routine: Get back to your pet’s normal routine of mealtimes, walks, bathroom breaks, snuggling, and so on as soon as you can. Familiarity will reassure your pet and help him adjust.

Getting Help

Do you have questions about moving with pets? Our agents would be happy to help. Give us a call at 703-485-4663 or get in touch by email today. You’ll be doing yourself — and your pet — a big favor!

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