Foolproof Paint Colors That Will Sell Your Home

Getting ready for spring painting

Are you thinking of painting your Haymarket home this spring? Do you already know what paint colors to use?


Painting contributes much to a house’s visual aesthetic. It can make the house look newer, brighter, and more well-kempt. It can enlarge or shrink a space, depending on the color that you use.

In real estate, house painting is an essential, especially if you plan to sell your house. It is also an important part of staging, which is preparing a house to look like a home so buyers will love it.

Do you know that some home colors sell more over other colors? Zillow conducted a study on what colors to choose or avoid and the results show that some colors are more lucrative over others!

Colors strongly influence a buyer,  so if you are to repaint your Haymarket property, you better use the right colors.

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Foolproof Paint Colors That Will Sell Your Home

The Front Door: Navy

For a killer curb appeal and a lasting first impression, coat your front door in a neat, navy blue! This versatile, timeless shade looks beautiful with any exterior color. Bonus? Zillow reports that navy doors sold for $1,500+ more than any other hues on the market.


The Kitchen: Gray-Blue

Zillow reports that homes with kitchens outfitted in soft, blue or gray hues often sold for a $1809.00 premium.


The Living Room: Warm Browns

Traditional beige, oatmeal and soft taupe reign supreme in living spaces for 2017. Zillow reports homes with warm brown living room walls sold for $1,900+ more than expected.


The Bedroom: Cerulean

The report reveals that lively blues, such as cerulean or cadet blue, grants homes with a $1,856 premium.


The Bathroom: Pale Blue

Fresh, clean and soothing – pale blue is the best-selling hue for the washroom. Not convinced in the power of paint yet? Zillow reports that light blue bathrooms sold for $5,000+ more (!!) than expected.


The Dining Room: Slate 

A sophisticated slate-blue hue for dining room walls will sell homes for more money. Zillow reports that slate dining rooms sold for nearly $2,000 more than plain, white dining rooms.


The Exterior: Greige 

Light gray and warm beige marry to create the modern-day classic: greige. Zillow reports that greige-colored homes are outselling their brown or tan counterparts by $3,496.


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