Choose Your Own Spring Cleaning Plan

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the urge to clean our homes and reorganize.

There is just something so fulfilling about spring cleaning, don’t you think? If you are like me, you’ve probably made a list of things to do. You may have even begun decluttering, anticipating how your Gainesville VA home may look after all the effort you’ll be giving it.

But the challenge of spring cleaning is actually having a systematic approach.

How many times have you planned to clean your rug or upholstery, but end up only doing some of it? We have a long list that we want to get through as quick as possible, which make us rush from one task to another.

We can all always use a little help in the cleaning department.

Here’s an article I found at about choosing a cleaning approach and sticking to it.

Choose Your Own Spring Cleaning Plan

Spring cleaning focus: Bust dust and clutter.

This can be a satisfying plan to follow because when you’re done, your home should be noticeably cleaner and less cluttered.

Start with clutter clearing, because the less stuff is in your way, the easier it will be to clean surfaces. Just don’t consider the decluttering done until you have actually removed the items you don’t want from your home; otherwise, it will have a way of working itself back into your closets, cupboards and drawers.

If you know you will have many items to donate (especially if some of them are furniture) call around in advance and see if a local charitable organization will do a pickup — having a pickup scheduled can be a good way to get motivated to get the work done.

For any clutter-clearing endeavor to be a success, it’s best to get the other members of your household onboard. Ideally, each person would be responsible for decluttering his or her own belongings — at the very least, try to garner some support for your clutter-clearing efforts and encourage people to pitch in as they can. In each space (room, closet or cupboard) you tackle, follow these three steps:

  • Remove everything.
  • Vacuum or wipe down the empty space.
  • Put back only what you want to keep.

Spring cleaning focus: Textile refresh.

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your rugs or upholstery, this could be the right focus for you. Start by laundering small washable items, like shower curtains, cotton rugs and washable slipcovers, at home. When laundering slipcovers, try putting them back on while they’re still barely damp for a better fit.

Take larger area rugs and removable pillow covers to be professionally cleaned. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, have it professionally cleaned or rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself. Drapery and upholstery that cannot be cleaned by another method can usually be safely steam cleaned using a real steam cleaner designed to be safe for textiles — not a carpet shampooer or hard-flooring steam cleaner. (Always check for care directions and test a spot first.)

Spring cleaning focus: Deep clean.

Let’s face it: In the course of a regular weekend, it never seems like a good time to get to those truly deep (and often pretty yucky) cleaning projects you know you should be doing. Why not dedicate a day to doing all the dirty work you’ve been putting off? Just be sure to plan a nice reward at the end of it!

Here are a few tasks to consider putting on your deep-cleaning to-do list:

  • Vacuum all of the hard-to-reach places you usually skip, such as deep under the beds and behind furniture.
  • Clean out the dryer hose and vacuum inside the lint trap.
  • Clean behind the fridge and vacuum the coils.
  • Scrub the grout in the kitchen and bath.
  • Clean out the garbage can and recycling bins.
  • Dust the light fixtures.
  • Clean the blinds.

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