Tenant Services

A meticulous approach to tenant communications. 

We handle all aspects of interaction with your tenants. With direct-dial phone numbers, individual email addresses and state-of-the-art voice, electronic and written communications, we keep the lines of communication open with your tenants to keep them satisfied while still maintaining your best interests.

*Assist in preparing property for rent – We will perform an inspection of the property and co-ordinate any repairs needed with our pool of qualified, professional contractors.

* Screen and qualify prospective tenants – We perform a comprehensive background screening of your potential tenants and verify their credit history, employment history, and previous housing history, as well as their ability to afford the rent. We compare this to our standard criteria and give you all the information needed to make a well informed decision.

* Negotiate and prepare leases and renewals – We help you ensure a binding lease is fully executed, to the terms that you and your tenant agree to.

* Set up automatic rent payments – We can set up the lease so that the tenant automatically wires their rent to us, ensuring prompt payment.

* Process & respond promptly to reasonable maintenance requests & emergencies You don’t have to worry about calls at 2 a.m.! We take care of handling emergencies as they arise, as well as the more common general maintenance requests.

* Represent owners in disputes – We will take care of ensuring that you are adequately represented in any disputes, and have a referral network of attorneys should you need one.

* Comply with all state, local and national regulations – We ensure compliance with all laws, codes and regulations so that you and your tenant are always well protected.

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