Linton Hall Realtors Home Buyer Rewards Program

This Exclusive Agreement is made between you (“BUYER”) and Linton Hall Realtors (“BROKER/AGENT”). In consideration of the mutual promises set forth below, BUYER and BROKER/AGENT agree as follows:

  1. Home Buyer Rewards Rebate. BUYER will receive a Home Buyer Rewards rebate from Broker at successful closing of BUYER’S new home. The amount of rebate will be determined based on the final sales price of BUYER’S new home and calculated according to the “Home Buyer Rewards Program” calculator located at . There is no obligation to buy a home. This rebate is conditional upon the following REQUIRED BY BUYER:
    1. Rewards will only be earned for months where the rent was paid on time according to BUYER’s tenant ledger from Real Property Management Pros.
    2. BUYER must be represented at settlement by Linton Hall Realtors.
    3. All rebates must be approved by BUYER’S lender in advance of closing of BUYER’S new home.
  2. BUYER grants to BROKER/AGENT the exclusive right to locate or procure real property acceptable for purchase by BUYER. BUYER further agrees to refer all potentially acceptable real property to BROKER/AGENT during the term of this Agreement and agrees to notify all other real estate agents who communicate with BUYER of BROKER’S exclusive agency relationship with BUYER. The final decision whether or not a property is acceptable for purchase shall be solely within the discretion of BUYER. There is no obligation to buy a home.
  3. Term of Agency. The term of this Agreement shall terminate 365 Days from the Buyer’s Signature Date on this Agreement, unless BUYER is represented by BROKER/AGENT in a pending transaction, in which case the agreement shall automatically extend to the date of the closing in that transaction.

BROKER/AGENT will provide BUYER with the following services:

  1. BROKER/AGENT will provide BUYER with regular updates from the buyer profiling system of all the new listings that match BUYER’S criteria. This will allow BUYER to drive by and determine which properties he/she wants to see.
  2. BROKER/AGENT will assist in finding additional properties through Realtor Multiple Listing Service (MLS / MRIS), sphere of influence, company listings, and other industry contacts.
  3. BROKER/AGENT will arrange a private showing of any home BUYER wants to see, including new construction and For Sale By Owner properties.
  4. When BUYER finds a home he/she likes, BROKER/AGENT will discuss with BUYER the best strategies regarding offer price, financing terms, interest rate, possession date, etc.
  5. BROKER/AGENT will prepare and present the offer with the terms, provisions, and addendums weighted in BUYER’S best interests to help secure the property.
  6. BROKER/AGENT will recommend extremely competent affiliates with respect to BUYER’S total home purchase: legal expertise, home inspection, appraisal, mortgage assistance, etc.

BUYER agrees to:

  1. Seek pre-approval from a home lender prior to viewing property.
  2. Notify BROKER/AGENT of any listed or unlisted homes BUYER wishes to view and inform all other agents, For Sale By Owners, or builders that BUYER is represented by Linton Hall Realtors.
  3. Formulate any offer on any home (new or resale) through BROKER/AGENT.
  4. BROKER/AGENT to be compensated based on the co-operative fee offered by the Realtor Multiple Listing Service, but not to be less than 3% of the purchase price, which will be paid from the proceeds of the sale.
  5. Acknowledge that the BROKER/AGENT is being retained solely as a real estate agent and not as an attorney, tax advisor, lender, appraiser, surveyor, structural engineer, home inspector, or any other professional service provider. Buyer has been advised to seek professional advice concerning the condition of the property and other legal and tax matters.
  6. CANCELLATION GUARANTEE: At any time prior to contracting a house, BUYER may cancel this agreement by providing a 48 hour written notice to BROKER. In such instance, there shall be no cost or penalty to BUYER.

Buyer understands and agrees to the terms above.

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