Guaranteed Lease Program

We will place a qualified tenant into your property and guarantee the rental income regardless of whether the tenant pays the rent!

For our clients that enroll in our exclusive “Guarantee Lease Program,” we guarantee, in writing, that we will place a qualified tenant into your property and you will be guaranteed your rental price each and every month until the lease expiration date.

How it works:

  1. You sign an “Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement” with the Ashley Leigh Team of Linton Hall, Realtors® prior to purchasing your new home.
  2. You receive our up-front guarantee in writing that we will find a qualified tenant at a mutually agreed to rental price.
  3. Your home is guaranteed to rent…or we will lease it ourselves from you, at a price acceptable to you.
  4. If your tenant fails to make any rental payment(s) during the lease term, we will step in and pay the rent ourselves.

This means when you see a home you would like to purchase, you can react immediately-and negotiate the lowest price-with a firm offer without the worry of leasing your existing property.

As you can see, using this program makes the home-leasing process easy and painless.  Our “Guarantee Lease Program” removes your feelings of anxiety by eliminating your concerns of whether or not you are going to find a qualified tenant or receive timely and consistent rental income.

Our Guaranteed Lease Program offers you peace of mind, each and every month, that you will receive your rent, regardless of whether your tenant makes a payment or not. Even if your tenant defaults on the lease, we will continue to make the rental payments to you from our own pocket for the entire term of the lease.

How long do you guarantee the rental payments?
The term is mutually agreed to, upfront and in writing, by you and our firm.  This means that we guarantee you a specific amount of rental income for the entire term of the Guaranteed Lease Agreement whether or not Linton Hall, Realtors® is successful in procuring a qualified renter or not.

The guaranteed lease program insures your tenant’s ability to pay their monthly rent.  If the tenant defaults on their monthly obligation, our firm will pay you the guaranteed lease amount until the tenant makes the full balance payment or until the tenant is successfully evicted from the property and a new replacement is procured.  In the unlikely event of an eviction, we will continue to make the monthly rental payments to you in accordance with our agreement.

Are there any upfront fees or costs?
There are no upfront fees due to our firm. We only receive compensation when we successfully market the property to a third party.

What is the quality of the tenant?
You may reject any applicants that do not meet the qualification guidelines set forth below:

  • Annual income sufficient to afford the monthly rent obligation.
  • Satisfactory credit score(s) and credit history.
  • Reasonably documented job history.
  • Verification of satisfactory rental history or mortgage history.
  • Delivers payment in an amount equaling two month’s rental (first month’s rent payment
  • plus security deposit) in the form of a cashier’s check on or before taking possession of your property.

When do the guarantee rental payments actually begin?
The effective lease date and payments will begin with the simultaneous purchase of your new home, or otherwise agreed to. Guaranteed monthly payments from our firm are due and payable at the first of each month beginning at the inception of the lease date through its expiration or until a third party applicant is successfully procured.

When the property is rented to a third party tenant, the effective lease date will be negotiated between you and the renter/applicant. Generally speaking, we will assist you with negotiating an occupancy date that prevents you from having to make a double move and incur the expenses and hassles associated with it.

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