7 Tips for Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom

By Fay Wein Going to the spa is an expensive proposition—not to mention costly in terms of time. Bringing the relaxation of the spa to your own home, however, means that you can kick back and relax whenever you like. A simple bathroom redesign can be enough to completely change the way your … [Read more...]

10 Insider Tips for Buying New Construction

Read this BEFORE you Visit Your First Model Home. When shopping for your home, you’ll discover that most homes on the market are resales. One out of four homebuyers purchases a new home. Both new homes and re-sales offer advantages. Before you make a decision…COMPARE THESE POINTS! New … [Read more...]

Asian Americans: The Next Big Boom in Housing

By Zoe EisenbergSince 2000, the Asian American community has been the fastest-growing minority demographic in the U.S., with a rapidly growing purchasing power. Twenty-eight percent of Asian American households include two or more adult generations, double the rate of non-Hispanic whites, and one … [Read more...]

Home Staging: Pro Tips for Appealing to the Senses

By Nicholas BrownStaging a home for sale is all about inspiring your buyer, and their senses are the avenue by which you connect with them. French novelist Honoré de Balzac once wrote “love is the poetry of the senses,” and specifically touching on each sense when … [Read more...]

5 Maintenance Tips to Fireproof Your Home

Regular maintenance of your home’s systems and appliances not only prolongs their lifespan, but also helps prevent accidental fire. To keep your family and home safe from disaster, follow these maintenance guidelines, courtesy of the National Home Service Contract Association (NHSCA). Clothes … [Read more...]

Housing Holdbacks: Student Debt, Mortgage Market Confusion, and a Declining Marriage Rate

Despite a growing economy, a new survey has found that the financial pressures of student debt, persistent confusion about the mortgage process and a continuing nationwide marriage rate decline are important factors combining to slow the housing market. The third annual America at Home survey … [Read more...]

The Best Day of the Year to Buy a Home

If you’ve ever bought a home, you’ve likely heard from your REALTOR® that it’s better to buy in the fall and winter months to get the best deal — given less competition from other buyers in these colder months when families are entrenched in the back-to-school schedule. RealtyTrac took a big data … [Read more...]

Two Key Economic Trends Affecting Home Values

Both at the national level and here locally, the housing market remains in a modest recovery. For Northern Virginia in July 2015, the number of closed sales is up 19 percent compared to a year ago and the median sales price has increased 2.3 percent. Lawrence Yun, the chief economist for the … [Read more...]

3 Options for When Your House Fails to Sell – Short Sale vs. Foreclosure vs. Rental

If you have tried to sell your house but were unable to get the price that you need, then you may be wondering about your other options. In this article, we will explain what a short sale is, how it compares to a foreclosure, and take a look at the option of renting out your home. Finally, you will … [Read more...]

7 Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

For sellers trying to increase a home's selling price and decrease selling time, home staging may be one of the best solutions. Home staging is arranging furniture and decor to showcase a home for sale in the best possible light. Home staging isn't decorating, but rather setting the conditions so … [Read more...]

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